What is toxicologic pathology exactly?

What is toxicologic pathology exactly?

Toxicologic pathology plays a key role in the assessment of the safety of medicines, chemicals, and vaccines. It integrates the disciplines of toxicology and pathology. It actually identifies, characterizes, and manages benefit versus risk in relation to the abovementioned products. In particular it looks at the negative health outcomes for humans, environment, and animals. In todays toxicologic pathology an understanding of molecular biology and toxicogenomics is part of this discipline. They also need sufficient knowledge of metabolomics, imagining, statisticsh, experimental design and lots more.

Why is toxicologic pathology important?

When developing medication, chemicals or vaccines, it is important to know if there are any negative side-effects or general health outcomes. No one wants to bring a nonworking medicine onto the market or worse, one that does actually harm instead of having healing or easing properties. In order to investigate these possible effects, it’s important that the research meets the highest quality standards. For this you can trust a company like Global Pathology Support B.V. from the Netherlands. Their toxicologic pathologists have had proper training: 4 years post-academic curriculum). They also have loads of experience and a continuous training and National Board Certification by a recognized institution.

In what industries is it being used?

So toxicologic pathology assesses the safety of medication, vaccines, chemicals, and much more. It makes sense that it’s mainly used for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Toxicologic pathologists also work in academic institutions, governments, research organizations or they can be employed as consultants. So it’s a widespread and extremely important discipline in many fields. It ensures safety of many things that people use in their jobs and every day life. It not only ensures safety for us humans, but also animals and environments. When looking for a suitable toxicologic pathologist, make sure he or she meets the strict requirements to maintain this level of security in the field.

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