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These firelighters manufacturers light your life up

The summer is in full effect, the sun is shining and the weather is nice. There is nothing better than ending the day with a nice barbecue. However, you do want to know whether the fire starters like charcoals and briquettes are safe to use and if they are environmental friendly. At Fire-Up International highly skilled employees strive to increase the safety of their barbeque-products every day of the year! All of Fire-Up International’s products are known for they high ease of use, excellent quality, safety and environmental friendliness. Their sustainable way of entrepreneurship is an asset that makes Fire-Up International a unique company within the world of firelighter manufacturers. 

Spark your summer with eco-friendly products

If you are looking for manufacturers of firelighters, then Fire-Up International is the company for you. Their wide range of products consists of different environmentally friendly and sustainable firestarters. The firestarters are available in various sizes and packages so they can easily be supplemented with other products from Fire-Up International. They manufacture all kinds of fire-related products, such as:

  • Firelighters
  • Charcoal
  • Briquettes

As a result of all the innovative changes and investments in sustainability, most of the products are made out of 100% renewable biological materials that make them CO2-neutral. In addition, all the products produced by these manufacturers of firelighters originate from forests with an FSC certification.

The best fire-related products in town!

With more than thirty years of experience, Fire-Up International is one of the manufacturers of firelighters that know what they are doing. Quality, safety, environment and health are just a few of the pillar stones that they have built their company upon. Are you located within Europe and do you want more information about the firelighters or other products of this manufacturer? Then make sure to contact them with all your questions about barbeque, fireplace and stove products!