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Moving or refurbishing your offices?

Is your office space outdated? Are you looking for new premises and this search is proving very difficult? This is a major issue that is beginning to form in Glasgow and Edinburgh. There is plenty of organisations looking for new addresses but there is not enough supply to meet this rapidly growing demand.

However, there is one alternative solution which, agreed, doesn’t suit all firms seeking to move for various reasons. That is: Office Refurbishment and a completely new Office fit out.

This would mean that your address will not change, your staff will not suffer from geographical difficulties and you will end up with a complete newly designed smarter interior. This entire refurbishment isn’t an overnight job but can prove more efficient and cost effective than a complete move. The stages of the refurb and fit out can be phased and the work done over time and from a business point of view there is less interruption. The advantages are almost endless.

Amos Beech are experienced in refurbishments and fit outs and will take a client from initial idea through to design, fit out and refurbishment and then on to the most exciting part, office furniture Glasgow.

This full service is available to everyone and each project is completely unique. Our aim, in accordance with our fingerprint branding, means we endeavour to align our work with the history, culture and style of our client’s industry and preference.

Back to the fit-out. We have a very capable team of fit out specialists who are working all the time closely with our operations team. These specialists have an immensely broad spectrum of talent ranging from joiners to plasterers, flooring specialists to electricians and furniture fitters to decorators.

Office refurbishment Glasgow is exciting for both us and our clients. For us it is seeing how magical a difference we can create and for the client it is watching the transforming from the old traditional style workspace to the more people orientated smarter environment full of colour, style and attraction. Our designers have honed their skills to the sharpest point meaning their ability to create break out areas, quiet space, meeting areas and team space is perfect. To the client, this merge of all these vastly different spaces seems like a mixture for trouble as they believe that quiet spaces will be so easily distracted with a networking environment next door but with the use of acoustics, careful space planning and an amazing eye for space utilisation our designers can create the most amazing space out of a seemingly obsolete environment.

When seeking to complete a refurbishment and fitout there is a lot of paperwork and standards that need to be met. Amos Beech can handle these and will sort everything out. All you need do is sign the dotted line. Amos Beech will handle your electricals, data management, security, fire safety and even look at your Landlord permissions and work out your best solution. Not only that, our fitters are skilled in fitting your lighting and work closely with the design team to ensure what is on the drawing is placed rightly in accord. Amos Beech, as part of the relocation package, offer a clearout service so that your old furniture and office features are cleared out for you as part of the price. All you need to do is ask.