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Why you need to choose for eco-friendly firelighters manufacturers

When you are lighting up your barbecue, you want a reliable product which does not harm the environment and quickly has the job done. There are many firelighters manufacturers that can provide that for you, but none of them does it like the ones from Fire-Up International B.V. This company has worked for over 30 years to create sustainable ways to naturally light your fires. Their products are safe to use, non-toxic and are made of high-quality components. Besides, they steadily burn for 8 to 10 minutes so it doesn’t take long for your fire to be lit!

What makes these firelighters manufacturers so eco-friendly and sustainable?

Of all the firelighters manufacturers, Fire-Up International B.V. has put the most effort over the years in making the best natural firelighters possible. They make sure that the products have no chemical reactions and unpleasant odours during the combustion process. All products are made from wood that is FSC-certified and impregnated with 100% vegetable oil. Using the products also ensures some benefits. For example, it is not harmful to store the firelighters next to food and they can be stored indefinite. Resulting in the fact that all products are eco-friendly and CO2 natural, but are very much able to light up your stove, barbecue or fireplace. This multifunctional firelighter has been the saviour for many occasions and many more yet to come.

Make sure your fire becomes a success thanks to the firelighters manufacturers!

Short delivery time of the Fire-Up International B.V. products is also a benefit that you gain when you choose for these products. The products are available in a wide range of sizes and packages and can be easily supplemented with other natural products like briquettes or charcoal. Despite of all the other eco-friendly firelighters manufacturers, Fire-Up International B.V. is the only one that ensures that all the products you are using are environmentally friendliness, easy to use, safe and consist of great quality. So, when are you going to be throwing a barbecue party?