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From Munich With Love


Munich is one of the most popular, exquisite and elegant cities in Europe.  The Munich metropolitan region is home to 6 million people, a large quantity of which is immigrants from other European countries that have found Munich fascinating enough to call it their new home. It is the third largest city in Germany and plays a large part in maintaining Germany’s financial strength in the European Union.

Historical Value

It’s beautiful and elegant architecture is admired all around the globe. One thing that makes Munich unique is the cultural blend of both modern and historical architecture. The architecture in Munich is very alluring for tourists. The amazing architecture is not just limited to historical buildings as the buildings constructed in the modern era are also a sight to behold.

Munich has always been an important city whether as part of Germany, kingdom of Bavaria or the Holy Roman Empire. The city flag still bears the colors black and gold which represent its former glory as part of the Holy Roman Empire. There are around forty museums in Munich, which symbolizes its historical and cultural significance. One of the most important castles in the world Neuschwanstein is also situated at the border of the city of Munich.

Night Life

Munich has an extravagant night life. There are several clubs and bars in Munich most of which are situated in the center of the city. The central region of Munich is considered the night life hub where you can find several clubs one after the other in a banana shaped road.


No discussion on Munich is complete without talking about Oktoberfest. It is an event which attracts the largest number of tourists to Munich. It is the largest beer festival in the world. Contrary to its name the festival is observed every year on the third Saturday of September. Oktoberfest was basically a beer festival but with time it has turned into much more. Its main attraction is still beer but other things like costume parades, games, fun fairs etc are also held during the seventeen days of the festival. If you are planning to visit Munich and you want to have the best time of your life then September is the best time to do so.


Munich is not only home to a large number of immigrants from around the globe , it is also home to some of the biggest companies in the world, mainly BMW. If you are interested in luxurious cars then BMW museum should be on your list of “places to visit”. The museum contains information about history of BMW, its founder and its elegant vintage cars.

Hotels in Munich

Even though Munich is a metropolitan city, it has something for people from all walks of life. The amazing thing about Munich is that one can experience elegance and luxury even at affordable prices. Tourists can easily find hotels at affordable prices in Munich. There are hundreds of different types of hotels in Munich and tourists can choose to stay at any according to their preferences.  Even the cheapest hotels in Munich are beautifully constructed and represent high elegance. Some of the most famous hotels in Munich are:

  • Platzl Hotel
  • Hotel Kriemhild
  • NH Muenchen Deutscher Kaiser
  • Bavaria Boutique Hotel

One can enjoy all types of luxuries in these hotels i.e. free wifi , swimming pool , gym, etc.


At the end we can say that Munich has everything a tourist can dream of. If you are planning to travel abroad then Munich should be on your list. Its beauty, elegance, architecture, budget hotels and historical value will never make you regret your trip. Get more information about a budget hotel in Munich airport