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Dresden scraps for the perfect holiday spirit

Are you a creative soul that likes to make handmade cards in their spare time? Or are you a fanatic scrapsheet collector who is always looking for new Dresden scraps to complete their collection? Then you should really look at the collection of Picture-Scraps, an online reference guide of all available scrapsheets in a large variety of themes. Dresden scraps is only one of the many recurring themes on this reference guide. Whether you are looking to complete your collectibles collection or if you simply want nice scraps for your scrapbook or handmade cards, Picture-Scraps has what you need!

What are the characteristics of Dresden scraps?

If you want to recognize Dresden scraps, you only have to look at one thing: gold. Dresden is a particulier scrapsheet style that is immensely popular around the holiday season. It has an excessive use of gold and relief, giving it a luxurious and festive look. This is the main reason these Dresden scraps are highly popular around the holidays. They often have images of angels, good-luck signs, and Christmas wishes on them. Dresden scraps embraced their festive characteristics and now producers focus their efforts on creating Dresden scraps that fit these styles. One of the best-known producers is Littauer & Boysen, more commonly known as L & B. L & B make their heritage truly clear in their unique designs and creations, providing you with unique Dresden scraps for your collection or creative outlets.

Order new scraps or ask your questions

If you want to have new scrapsheets, then you can order new Dresden scraps from this collection. One of the main advantages at Picture-Scraps is that they are able to communicate in a variety of languages. Whether you speak Dutch, English, French or German, you can ask your questions and get an answer as soon as possible. Place your order online or ask your questions via de website.