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A water pump for your swimming pool

Many people would like to have a swimming pool in their own garden. Owning a swimming pool gives you a luxurious feeling and there are pools in many different price ranges. But you have to know that you do not only have to buy a pool. There are some (expensive) water pump accessoriesthat you definitely need to buy alongside the pool. In this article, we will tell you about one accessory: the water pump.

A water pump is necessary for you pool, because it circulates the water and filters it. Water pumps come in different price ranges and the most expensive one is not always the best, because it has to match with the needs for your pool. This is how you find the best water pump.

Firstly, there are pumps with a fixed speed and pumps with a variable speed. Most people buy the pump with the fixed speed, because it is just easier, but the pump with the variable speed is more eco-friendly and lasts longer. To calculate the flow you need, you should measure your pool. The flow is calculated by dividing the flow rate of the pool by the pump capacity. Next, you need to check the resistance in the pipes. When your pool is above the ground, the resistance is weak. When the pool is inground and the pump is above the water level, the resistance is normal. And when the pool is inground and the pump is under the water level, the resistance is strong. Lastly, everything needs to be able to connect, so you have to check if everything is the right size to connect to each other. If it is not, you can buy a connector.

In general, these are the things you need to consider when buying a water pump for your swimming pool.